Why Us?

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We at Riviera Recruitment believe that client’s satisfaction is the essence of its service.


We are committed to meet client’s requirements with our quality and speed of our services. We wish to build long lasting relationships with the clients.

We provide customized end to end service. Each client gets specialized and customized solutions ranging from searching the right candidate, introducing their company, pitching the job role, screening, preliminary tele-interviewing, scheduling interviews, package negotiations to reference checks.


Our main relationship is with the company and we also establish professional relationship with the candidates. We work dedicatedly and make efforts to conduct recruitment activities in an impartial manner, based on company prescribed role requirements. Our relationship with the candidates is based on honesty, transparency and respect for confidentiality. We provide the candidates with the accurate information about the client organization and also maintain the confidentiality of information provided by selected candidates. Also, we ensure that the candidates have provided relevant information about themselves and we secure the individual’s consent before sharing his or her background information with a client.